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The TRUE Role Reversal
by Ace Sanchez

"Pokemon fans," the Meowth announcer was saying from up above in the control tower. "Welcome to tha ten-hundredth annual Pokemon League Championships!"

There was a massive roar of the crowd. The huge darkened stadium eith its multi-levelled audience seating was jam packed with excited observers. Far below them was a large circular ring where the battle was to take place.

In the centre of the ring stood the two battlers, facing each other. A small yellow mouse-like pikachu, wearing a mini, red baseball cap on its head, and its opponent, a star-shaped staryu standing on its two lower-most appendages.

"Pikaa!" Pikachu said, giving the staryu the finger.

"Hurr!" Staryu grunted back, the red jewel in its centre gleaming malevolently.

"Meowth, this is truly a match of Master's!" the Meowth said excitedly into its microphone. "They're even trash talkin' each other!"

A pause as the two opponents settled down to get ready.

"And now, folks get ready for tha finals!" Meowth continued. "Whoeva wins this battle will be tha new Pokemon League Champion!"

The crowds cheered again for a few good minutes, then fell silent to watch the truly amazing display of Pokemon training skill that was sure to be shown before them. There was nothing more exciting than a Pokemon battle between professionals.

Pikachu stepped backwards, removing a red pokeball from its back with one hand, while twisting its hat around backwards on its head, yellow pointed ears twitching. Then it raised its pokeball in the air and got ready to throw it as if pitching a baseball. "Pika ..." it threw the pokeball into the centre of the ring where it began to open in a flash of red light. "Pika-chu!"

Red energy escaped from the opened ball, and in a flash, a man with blue hair and green eyes, wearing a white uniform with a red 'R' emblazoned on the front of it, materialised. The man crouched on the ground, ready.

"And Pikachu begins tha match with James!" Meowth announced. "A curious decision as James's are usually quite incompetent pokemon. Howeva, let's see how this one is trained!"

The staryu's red jewel seemed to smile, well at least if a red jewel could be said to be smiling. It spun around, its two side limbs outstretched as if it were a ballerina, and after one rotation, it too threw a red pokeball into the centre. "Herr, HUR!"

Out of the thrown pokeball, red energy materialised into a growling Jessie, long red hair swaying and its eyes spitting cold blue fire.

"And Staryu chooses to match up with Jessie! The hell-cat pokemon!" the Meowth shouted. "Meowth, an interesting match-up to say the least!"

Pikachu pointed at the Jessie. "Pika ... chu-pikachu!"

"Puh-please, don't hurt meee," the James immediately shouted in a high pitched voice at the Jessie. "Pleee-a-eassse!"

The Jessie began to run around in circles confused.

"Amazing!" Meowth said. "James has used its special ability, Whining, on Jessie! Jessie is confused!"

The staryu looked worried, if it were even possible to look worried since it didn't even have a face. "Huh ... herr!"

"And Staryu chooses ta stick with Jessie! Let's see if tha hell-cat pokemon can break out of its confusion!"

"Pika-pikachu!" Pikachu ordered.

The James nodded, its green eyes gleaming, and began to run at the confused Jessie. But at the last second, the Jessie shook its head, red hair swishing, managing to break out of confusion.

"Huhr!" Staryu immediately countered.

The Jessie began to stare at the running James hard. Its cold blue eyes flashed frostily. James slowed down, then finally stopped running with a scared look on its face.

"Wow!" Meowth said, amazed. "The Jessie broke out, and is now using its special ability, Glare, on James!"

The James was paralysed and couldn't move.

"Kachu!" Pikachu shouted, but it didn't seem to hear.

"Huh-huh, herr!" Staryu grunted.

The Jessie ran over to the paralysed James and scratched it on the face with its long nails. The James fell over and fainted.

"Pika!" Pikachu said, shocked.

"Meowth! And Jessie finishes off James with its scratch attack! Let's see what Pikachu chooses next!"


A second pokeball was thrown into the centre of the ring. With a flash of red light, a young girl with blue hair set in two thick pony-tails worn high on her head, appeared.

"Great!" Meowth said. "Pikachu has chosen to go with Duplica, tha cross-dressing pokemon!"


The Jessie tried its glare again on the Duplica, but the Duplica turned its head, avoiding the attack.

"Pika, pikachu!" Pikachu ordered.

The Duplica suddenly erected a changing booth and after a few seconds, the walls of the booth shaking, dismantled it as it came out. It was dressed in a perfect costume of the Jessie, white tank-top with the same 'R' written on it, with even the same red hair, which must have been a wig. The resemblance was uncanny.

"Outstanding!" Meowth shouted into the microphone. "Duplica has transformed into Jessie! What a true sight ta see!"

Smoke began to pour out of the Jessie's ears as it looked at the Duplica. Its blue eyes suddenly turned red as fire. It was so angry.

"Huer!" the staryu ordered, but the Jessie ignored the command.

"Oh no! Staryu's Jessie has gone berserk!"

The Jessie began to run at the Duplica, shouting and screaming angrily.


The Duplica dodged the wild charge and stuck its foot out. The Jessie tripped over it and then tumbled over until it smashed into the wall of the ring. It lay unmoving, with stars circling its head.

"Huhr!" Staryu said, with one of its limbs rubbing its head in disgust, or at least in the general area of its head if it had one.

"Meowth, that's what Staryu gets for using tha infamous uncontrollable hell-cat pokemon!" Meowth exclaimed. "Let's see what it uses ta match up with Pikachu's amazing Duplica!"

Staryu spun around again, throwing its second pokeball out. "Huh ... herr!" it grunted.

From the ball emerged a boy with spiky brown hair, wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, and a golden chain around its neck. On its face it had a highly arrogant look.

"What an exciting match!" the Meowth shouted. "Staryu has chosen Gary Oak! A truly rare pokemon!"

"Hurr!" Staryu ordered.

The Gary Oak suddenly began talking. "You suck! Loser!" it shouted. "I will be the greatest Pokemon Master! I will create history with my exceptional skills!"

Duplica fell backwards shaking its head, suddenly dizzy.

"What a cheap shot!" the Meowth announced. "The Gary Oak used a combined Insult and Brag attack on Pikachu's Duplica!" Then a pause. "Wait! Pikachu is using one of its super potions on Duplica! Duplica is back to full health!"

"Pika, pikachu!" Pikachu then ordered.

Again, the Duplica erected its change booth and when it had finished, it had dressed up as the Gary Oak. Again the resemblance was uncanny.

"Huh? Hr Hur her!" the staryu suddenly laughed.

"Meowth, what a turn of events!" the Meowth voiced. "Staryu is laughing! It knows something Pikachu doesn't!"

"Pika?" Pikachu said, puzzled, pointed ears twitching.

And then all was explained as the Duplica suddenly fainted and fell over. It couldn't stand to be Gary Oak.

"Meowth, Gary Oak is immune ta Duplica's Transform special attack!"

"Pika!" the Pikachu said angrily as it recalled the fainted pokemon into its ball and then threw out another.

Shoom! The ball opened revealing a red haired woman in a nurse's uniform. Her eyes were serene as she held her hands together smiling at the Gary Oak.

"Woah!" Meowth said. "I didn't know Pikachu had a Nurse Joy!"

"Hur!" Staryu directed.

"You suck! I hate you!" the Gary Oak began to shout. "Loser!"

But the Nurse Joy just continued to smile serenely at it, unaffected.

"Pika." Pikachu grinned a mousey grin. "Pika-chu, pikachu!"

When the Nurse Joy heard what Pikachu said, its eyes began to glow red and evil. She began to grow larger, looming over the poor Gary Oak, staring angrily at it.

"Extraordinary!" Meowth exclaimed. "When Pikachu said that tha Gary Oak was mean to other pokemon, it evolved into Evil Nurse Joy!"

The Nurse Joy shrieked a truly horrible shriek and then the Gary Oak was out like a light. After that, the Nurse Joy shrank back to normal, smiling serenely again.

"Hur!" Staryu said, getting angry. "Hur, hur!" It spun around and released yet another pokeball. One flash later, a police woman with blue hair materialised.

"And to match up with Pikachu's Nurse Joy, Staryu has released an Officer Jenny!"

"Pika!" Pikachu ordered.

"Hur!" Staryu grunted.

The two women pokemon began shrieking at each other. It was so loud, the audience began to cover their ears.

Even Meowth was covering his ears all the way up in his control tower. "Tha two pokemon are trying to out-Shriek each other! What a truly terrible sight to see, or should I say, hear!"

After a few more painful minutes of shrieking, there was a winner. It was the Officer Jenny.

Meowth uncovered its ears. "Amazing! It seems that tha policewoman pokemon had tha more powerful Shriek special attack! Who would've figured?"

Pikachu growled as it released another pokemon. "Pika, chu, pika!"

A sinister looking man in a black uniform appeared. It had an 'R' on the front just like the James Pikachu had used earlier.

"Oh no!" Meowth shouted. "Pikachu truly wants to play hard-ball! It has released a deadly Butch! The infamous banshee pokemon!"

Staryu looked worried as it commanded its Officer Jenny to shriek at it. However the Butch only smiled and grinned evilly as it folded its arms.

"Pika, pika!" Pikachu said, then put on ear-plugs and smiled.

The Butch only had to utter one word. "Faint," it said. Its voice was truly terrible. Its scratchiness was absolutely painful to hear. Even the hundreds of spectators groaned in pain as they covered their ears.

The Officer Jenny had no chance at all. It fell over and fainted, waving a white flag once.

"Argh!" Meowth screamed. "Meowth! That voice is truly horrifying! I feel sorry for that Officer Jenny! It had no chance! No chance at all!"

Even Staryu seemed down for the count, lying on the ground. Then it stood up and poured super potion on itself and wearily took out another pokeball.

"Hyur!" it grunted, throwing the pokeball. Then it quickly took out a pair of ear-plugs and placed them in the general area of its ears if it had any.

However the Cassidy that Staryu threw out was also quickly beaten by Pikachu's devastating Butch with its Terrible Voice attack. The blonde counterpart of the Butch pokemon had no chance against that voice either.

"It's not looking good for Staryu folks! It only has two pokemon left!" Meowth announced, not in pain any more as it too had put on ear-plugs. "That Butch is truly terrifying! Its training is top notch!"

Staryu shook its head, or more like its body since it didn't have a head, and threw out yet another pokeball.

From the ball emerged a young girl with blonde hair.

"Meowth! Wow!" Meowth said, amazed. "Staryu has thrown out a Daisy! One of tha Waterflower pokemons of Cerulean City! It looks like Staryu plans to match up annoyingness with annoyingness!"



The Daisy managed to attack first, using its Annoying attack. "Like, you're really tough ya know? Like I hope I can win! Like I hope you don't say anything otherwise, like, you say one word, and like, I'll lose! Like your voice is really bad and like everyone hates it and like, like, like, like, ..."

This time the Butch had to cover its ears. Fortunately for Staryu, it fainted without saying a word, otherwise it would have been a double KO.

"Extraordinary! What amazing strategy!" Meowth exclaimed. "That Daisy was truly annoying with its Annoying attack!"

Now that the Butch was out of the fight, everyone removed their ear plugs.

"Pika!" Pikachu said, punching the paw of its right hand into its left. Then it straightened its red cap and threw out its fifth pokemon. The pokeball split in two and a tall boy with spiky, dark brown hair and slitted eyes appeared.

"And Pikachu sends out Brock! It looks like Staryu isn't tha only one fighting with strategy! Brocks are notoriously powerful against girl pokemon!"

Before the Daisy could launch into its annoying attack, the Brock used its own special ability, Glomp. One moment it was standing out in front of Pikachu, the next it was hugging the blonde girl tightly.

"Will you go out with me, uhur hur!" the Brock said goofily as it squashed the poor girl in its arms. And before Staryu could even heal it with a dose of super potion, the Daisy had fainted from disgust.

"Woah, what an awesome move by that Brock!" Meowth stated. "The Daisy is out like a light. But wait! A new pokemon is joining the battle!"

Sure enough, Staryu had released its final pokemon. The ball opened with a flash of red energy and then a girl with red hair tied in a sideways pony-tail, appeared, wearing a yellow top, shorts and suspenders. Its blue eyes were determined and fierce.

"It's another girl pokemon!" Meowth shouted. "But not just any! It's tha most powerful Waterflower itself, Misty!"

"Pika!" Pikachu quickly said, a worried look on its face.

But the Brock shook its head and refused to use its Glomp attack on the Misty.

"Pikachu, pikachu!" Pikachu ordered, this time louder. But still the pervert pokemon refused to obey.

"Meowth, it looks like Pikachu is having some troubles with its Brock! What a terrible time for it ta ignore its trainer!"

Steam began to pour out of the Misty's ears and its eyes glowed red as the Brock still refused her. It didn't like the Brock pokemon either but its feelings of vanity were hurt.

"Oh no! The Misty is going berserk! It's using tha dreaded Double-Slap on tha Brock!" Meowth said as the red haired girl pokemon ran up and began attacking the Brock furiously.

The Misty continued to powerfully slap the Brock on the face over and over. Pikachu didn't even get the chance to heal its pokemon or switch before the Brock was lying on the ground, defeated.

"And tha Brock paid tha price for not listening to its trainer! Meowth, let this be a lesson to all to make sure your pokemon's level is not too high before you use it in an important match!"

Staryu laughed, although it was hard to tell since it could only grunt. It beckoned at Pikachu with one of its pointed limbs.

"Staryu is feeling smug, folks! It just gave Pikachu tha finger! Or at least that's what it looked like since it doesn't have any fingers," Meowth exclaimed.

"PIKACHU!" Pikachu angrily shouted. It twisted its hat around backwards again, lightning sparks emitting from its cheeks and threw its final pokeball out.

"WOAH!" Meowth shouted, impressed, as the ball split open revealing a boy pokemon wearing a shirt, vest and jeans. It had black spiky hair underneath a red hat that matched the pikachu's. "It's tha most rare pokemon of all! An Ash Ketchum!" Meowth settled back in its chair to watch the final battle. "Staryu's Misty will have a tough time fighting this one! The Ash Ketchum never gives up, even if its fainted!"

Staryu looked worried, or looked like it looked worried. "Huhr!" it ordered.

"You wrecked my bike!" the Misty shouted at the Ash.

"Oh, no! Tha Misty is using its dreaded Accuse attack on Pikachu's Ash Ketchum!"

"Pika!" Pikachu countered.

"I said I'll make good on it some day!" the Ash shouted back at the Misty.

"What a great move!" Meowth commented. "The Ash countered with its Procrastination attack! Its training is top notch!"

Then the Misty Screeched, its high voice shrill. But then the Ash again countered, this time with Yell.

"Pika!" Pikachu said, pointing at the Misty.

"I hearby declare to the world I will be a Pokemon Master!" Ash said loudly at the Misty.

Misty covered its ears, closing its eyes.

"Awesome!" Meowth said. "Ash Ketchum has used tha Wishful Thinking attack! An attack of tha Brag element!" The crowd roared in approval.

After that, the battle turned into a general melee, with Pikachu ordering its Ash to Body Slam the Misty, while Staryu ordered its Misty to Bind the Ash. The Ash and Misty began rolling around on the ground, limbs wrapped up together.

"Hey, what's going on?" Meowth suddenly asked. "Meowth, ... the-the two pokemon are ... are KISSING?"



The crowd gasped. How could this be?

"Wait! Maybe tha two pokemon will resume fighting in a few minutes," Meowth worriedly said. When that didn't happen, with the Ash and Misty still lying interlocked, Meowth threw up its hands in disgust. "Looks like we have a draw folks! The two final pokemon seem ta be in LOVE! It's impossible for them ta finish!"

The crowd began shouting in disgust.






"Geo! "

(Etc, etc, etc)


Pikachu thoughtfully looked at the making out pokemon in front of it, rubbing its chin with a paw. It looked at the staryu next to it.

"Chu, pikachu chu?" (Translation: Will you consider trading your Misty to me?)

The staryu's red jewel was still looking at their pokemon, puzzled. "Hurh?" (Translation: Why? The pokemon seems useless now.)

Pikachu grinned. "Pikachu pika!" (Translation: I want to breed them!)

--- End

(Please don't kill me ^_^;;)

Author's Notes:

Wow! I managed to turn this weird fic into an AAMRN (Ash and Misty Romance Novel for those abbreviatedly-challenged).

Yes, Butch's voice in the dub is ANNOYING as hell! The scratchiness makes you want to punch your TV screen! It's that bad! Who the *hell* hired that voice actor! He should be shot!

Well anyway C&C would be appreciated as always. Hoped you enjoyed the story!

PS: In Pokemon Gold / Silver, YES. It's possible to breed your pokemon together! Funny what they allow kids to do these days. Could you imagine it when the games come outside of Japan?

Boy : Would you like to mate your Pikachu with mine?
Girl: Nah, its attibutes aren't very impressive.
Boy : Fine! Well your's aren't very big either!


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